NZ Police Forced To Delete Absolutely Fkd Road Death Tweet

Most companies in 2017 have a fairly consistent social media presence. Lots of brands hire social media teams to dig through the dankness and post things that are relevant to all us youngsters on this new-fangled internet machine.

No page has taken to social media quite like the various police agencies around the world. NSW Police has racked up a cheeky 1 million likes, by posting things like this to appear in touch and to make you not hate the police after copping a bullshit speeding fine.

While cute social media posts are all well and good, as anyone knows they can also flip on you quicker than a pissed off dolphin. New Zealand Police’s official Twitter account found this out the hard way

The Tweet read, “When we have to tell someone their family member has died in a crash.” Accompanied by a gif of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from the office saying “This is the worst” in a manner that suggests he’s pretty over his current circumstances.

It’s a pretty big fuck up, as it obviously misses the point that a person’s family has died and while having to inform a family would surely be a traumatic experience, posting a meme about how much it sucks for you is definitely not the correct way to go about it.

So, without pulling any punches, Twitter let them know.

After receiving the bollocking of a lifetime, we bet that social media intern is going to be a lot more selective with what they post from now on.

Source: ABC News



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