11 Y.O Sydney Lad Cops Rusty Shiv In Christmas Cracker

Christmas might have well and truly passed, but the absolute knee-slappers that come out of the Christmas crackers each year will almost certainly never be forgotten.

You might have thought that you were pretty hot shit with your moustache comb and playful hat, but one 11 years old down in Sydney might have just cracked the jackpot when it comes to shite gifts that you’ll never touch again.

Apparently, Bobby McNeilage cracked a cracker with his older brother and upon winning, dove into the contents with glee. Much to his surprise, he found a rusty shiv with a bit of sticky tape attached to the end.


His mother worried the blade could have been pretty damaging, “if it flew out it could have been heaps worse,” and said “if it got into the wrong hands of a little kid, something drastic could have happened.

“It looked like something from a prison.”

The cracker, which was made in China and distributed through Woolworths, is currently under investigation internally according to Woolworths’ product safety protocols.

You can only help but think that the Shiv is a cry for help from some sweatshop worker who’s desperate attempt at a cry for help has resulted in her working 4 times more over time in order to feed her family.

Hang in there kid, it gets better.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald



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