1 In 50 festival-goers slapped with drug charges at a Sydney Music Festival

In what will surprise nobody under the age of 40 with a somewhat open mind, police have continued their extremely beneficial war against drugs by nabbing nearly 150 punters at a Sydney music festival.

The Days Like This festival took place in Sydney’s eastern suburb and saw performances from artists like Toro Y Moi, Dixon and John Talabot. Attendees also reported a pretty intense police presence, which would have been a much less welcome addition to the festivities.

Two guys were eventually nabbed with drug supply charges, while another 97 were hit with drug possession. Considering that nearly 5,000 people were at the event, a 1 in 50 chance of getting hit with drug charges isn’t going to make anyone feel safe or comfortable while taking illicit substances.

In nearby Moore Park, where two other events were being held, police continued their heavy presence and found a further 38 people with illegal substances, including one fella with an impressive 26 MDMA caps. Ten young people were also found with drugs at an under-18s event at Sydney Olympic Park, they will be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act.

Police say they are disappointed people are still bringing in illicit drugs and they will continue to target the illegal drug trade and other criminal offences at these types of events. It’s kind of hard to make an argument for not bringing drugs into a music festival, considering you have to give up your first-born child for a mid-strength beer and spend at least 6 years queueing up for what turns out to be the wrong line.

Source: ABC News 

Image: Days Like This Facebook


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