WATCH: Nope The Fuck Out To These 9 Metre Waves Pummelling A Cruise Ship

A trip on the water is normally a serene experience. A cheeky trip out on your friend’s Dad’s tinnie or a gentle coast on the ferry is generally pretty pleasant if you like sitting in uncomfortable chairs while So Fresh 2011 plays somewhat reluctantly over the loud speakers. What’s not so pleasant is having behemoth waves pummel the lump of metal that has to carry you across bottomless oceans.

Which is exactly what happened to one passenger, who got a bit of a shock when he looked outside his normally tranquil window to be greeted with the fury of Neptune himself. Huuuuge 9 metre waves repeatedly bashed into the Royal Caribbean cruise ship while it was traversing the Atlantic Ocean, caused by absolutely bloody ridiculous 193 kilometre an hour winds.

You can hear one of the fellas in the video saying “We’re staying in one place hoping not to die”, which is a fairly reserved response for someone who is quite literally staring death in the face. If you can get past old mates humblebrag of an introduction, you’re in for a bit of a wild ride. Have a look at the video below and thank your lucky stars that we don’t have to worry about the forces of nature while tucked up in our beds at night.

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