Loose Units Hold One-Bedroom Airbnb Rave Complete With DJ And Bouncer

The concept of Airbnb is pretty rad, letting strangers in need rent your place while you’re away and then returning to a (hopefully) clean house and a bit of extra cash is a great way to make money while still being accessible and affordable to the renter. While there are obviously some experiences that are less great than others, the majority of users seem to have a mutually beneficial time. That may not always be the case, but the last thing you’d expect to see is some sort of Project X afterparty wasteland in your own home.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to one unsuspecting Airbnb user after the fella he rented his one-bedroom apartment to decided to throw a “nightclub-scale” rave. 200 ravers descended on the tiny flat in Islington, England, police first told neighbors to call the council but obviously, one bloke with a clipboard isn’t going to stop a party of those proportions.

Police rocked up to the scene and proceeded to stand around for an hour, contemplating tackling the 200 strong crowd of turnt up party goers before deciding to call for back up. The crowds were dispersed at approximately 4:30am, nearly 5 hours after the first noise complaint.

As expected, the neighbours weren’t too pleased about the racket and were startled by the rowdy ravers. “It was like a football crowd,” said the next-door neighbour,“It was the worst night ever. I could hear the music louder than if I was playing it in my own living room.

“There was a bouncer stopping people without a ticket from going in. You needed the riot police, not one guy from the council – there were fights outside in the street.” A lady living beneath the flat said “It was just the constant bass thud,” and that she even saw some bloke carrying in DJ equipment. Legend.

The neighbours told the owner who was holidaying in Vietnam, naturally, he shit his pants and felt pretty helpless as his home became the battleground of police and revelers. As you’d expect, the party thrower has been banned from using Airbnb, but at least now we know what happened to Corey Worthington…

Story and image: Islington Gazette


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