Pilot Accidentally Drops Phone From 1,000 Feet And It Recorded The Entire Fall

These days, it feels like phones are made from flimsy bits of plastic and broken promises. I endeavour to take good care of my phone and keep it unscathed throughout the trials and tribulations of life, but when it fell on the ground from table height and smashed into a million tiny pieces, I realised that life just wasn’t fire.

So, it’s ever so slightly surprising that a Samsung Galaxy S5 was able to survive a 1,000-foot fall, and still record the whole thing.

Robert Ryan recently posted a video on YouTube of the footage, and let’s just say, it’s a bit of a rollercoaster. Apparently, his uncle, pilot Blake Henderson, allegedly dropped his phone on accident while he was experiencing turbulence on board the small aircraft he was manoeuvring.

“My uncle Blake Henderson encountered severe turbulence while chasing a JN-4 Jenny biplane (seen at the beginning of the video),” Ryan wrote on the YouTube post. “His phone was sucked out of the craft on accident and dropped around 1,000 feet into a very nice family’s yard.”

We’re treated to the lovely image of what it would be like to hurtle towards earth before the phone ends up in the hands of some people doing gardening. “Dis ain’t ma phone” and the confused exchanges that follow it is perhaps some of the greatest recorded footage of all time.

The people who found the phone took it back to the cellular company and our clumsy pilot was reunited with his phone. Have a gander down below to see the beautiful chaos unravel.

Source: Youtube.


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