Adidas Release Beer- And Vomit-Proof Oktoberfest Sneakers

Scrubbing up for Oktoberfest is like wearing a suit to a gang bang. Approximately one hour into the festivities and you’re going to have shit all over it. Awful, irrevocable shit.

Bodily fluids. Beer. That infamous combination of bodily fluids and beer that no amount of Napisan Plus can hope to scrub out of your $500 authentic lederhosen.

It’s a calamity that’s all but impossible to avoid. Lucky for you filthy animals, “Impossible is nothing” for the folks down at Adidas.

Adidas Germany have launched a party-resistant sneaker to protect you against the impending Oktoberfest shitstorm. The shoes are made from the “finest leather with DPBR coating (durable puke & beer repellent)”, and come embroidered with intricate traditional patterns on the heel and the word ‘PROST’ stamped in gold next to the iconic three stripes.

Even the shoelaces have been specially treated to weather the most hideous sprays of semi-digested pretzels and lager. Hurra!

These puppies retail at €199.95 (just under $300 AUD) and come with a custom themed beer mug. You can pick them up here.

“Wear your best to the fest” without worrying about the mess.

Source and images: Highsnobiety


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