Wrap Your Eye Holes Around This Bloke Getting Slapped By A Seal With An Octopus

If you haven’t realised already, the ocean is a gigantic, terrifying place that only seems to reveal its true horror to you once you’ve been swallowed up in its jaws.

Take, for example, this kayaking incident that is so bloody unlikely to happen that old mate who got slapped with the octopus should probably run out and buy a lottery ticket.

As you can see in the video, it appears as if one of the seals was trying to have a nibble on some tentacle and tried to rip the fucker off by slapping it against the nearest stationary object, a poor human being.

You can thank Taiyo Masuda for the footage, who was on a kayaking trip out to New Zealand’s Kaikoura Island off the eastern coast of Auckland when he became the unwitting victim of a seal attack.


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