Kanye West’s SNL Performance Was A Glorious Trainwreck

Kanye West has had a bit of a strange year. From pissing everyone off with his political views to seemingly winning them back with a series of well-produced albums, it’s fair to say he’s been a tad busy.

As if things couldn’t get anymore cooked, Kanye West teamed up with Lil Pump, Teyana Taylor and Kid Cudi to perform some of his more recent songs.

The performance with everyone’s favourite Harvard scholar Lil Pump was a particular delight, as Ye and Pump donned water beverage costumes and danced awkwardly as fuck for the rest of the song.

It almost feels like when a bunch of underprepared high school kids have to do a presentation and they just keep giggling amongst themselves while the audience sits there not having a bar of it.

While the original performance has a certain cheekiness and swagger that makes it pretty bearable, this version is made somewhat harder to watch. Chuck the fact that Kanye seems to have gone full Donald Trump mode, and it’s certainly becoming hard to defend the man at this point.


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