Woman Nearly Dies After An Unborn Baby Kicked A Hole In Her Womb

A lot has been said about the pain tolerance between men and women. The male argument reckons that copping a kick square in the nuts is waaay worse than having to poop a child out of your front bottom.

However, I think you’d be able to convince a lot more people that pregnancy is way tougher than someone knocking your crown jewels about if you told them there was a chance that the little tinker could put a hole through you!

That’s right, apparently, that’s a real-life legitimate problem and it happened to a woman known only as Zhang, when she rocked up to the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital complaining of stomach pains while 35 weeks pregnant.

Doctors first thought her womb had been ruptured and performed an ultrasound, instead, they found that the baby had literally KICKED THROUGH THE UTERUS WALL AND INTO THE MUM’S ABDOMINAL CAVITY.

According to doctors, the babies tiny thighs had gotten stuck and left a seven-centimeter hole.



They decided to conduct an emergency caesarean-section in order to stop the mother’s blood loss and prevent the baby from contracting a life-threatening infection.

After reviewing the woman’s medical history, it was found that she had previously had an operation that left a scar on her womb, causing a weak spot.

Despite the absolute fucked circumstances, both the mother and baby are doing well and now I can finally stop cringing.

Source: Essential Baby 



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