Vic Fella Reckons That He Can’t Be Charged Because He ‘Doesn’t Exist’

In what can only be described as one of the more inventive ways of trying to get yourself out of a shitload of trouble, a Victorian man recently told a judge that he couldn’t be charged – as he didn’t exist.


Staring down the barrel of some unflattering criminal damage and making threats to kill charges, Gregory Norman Francis decided it would be a great opportunity to nope the fuck out of the situation and discard his identity entirely.

Claiming that he was now “Man Living In Body”, old mate went as far as to not respond to Judge Barbara Cotterell until she addressed him as his preferred title.

When he was finally asked to provide some sort of evidence for his outlandish claims, he whipped a stack of paperwork – including a Miner’s card, Mastercard and Medicare card – to prove he was legally “Man Living In Body”.


He then went on to ask the judge, “Do you have jurisdiction over living man?” before then questioning “What about the 10 commandments?” as if that has literally anything to do with anything, ever.

The trial looks set to be resumed next month, which is just as well because it seems old mate might have to do up a few more bits of paperwork so he can really absorb himself in this “Man Living In Body” thing.



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