Tony Abbott Tried To Explain His Weird Onion Eating Incident And Yep, Nah He’s Still A Creep

It says a lot about this country that some of the most disliked blokes this nation has produced have all been Prime Minister recently. While we’re currently dealing with the limp-dick accountant who seems to think he’s a proper bloke, cast your mind back to the simpler times of Tony Abbott in 2015.

Not only was Tony a grade A dickhead, he seemed hell-bent on making sure everyone else knew it as well. Perhaps no incident sums up his time in office quite as well as the onion incident, where he decided chomping into an unpeeled onion like it was an apple is something all normal people do.

Appearing on the Bolt Report, Abbott attempted to clear up the disgust surrounding him and his weird eating habits.

So basically, Tony saw himself as the darling father of Australia and wanted to show how proud he was of our produce by biting into a partially peeled (?) onion, sounds about right.

“The job of the Prime Minister – who is if you like the country’s ‘cheerleader-in-chief’ amongst other things you’re not just the CEO of Australia Inc, you are the cheerleader-in-chief… is to do what you can to show your appreciation for your fellow Australians,” he said.

Abbott is currently working as the special envoy to indigenous affairs, which is indeed true and not simply the story line of a bunch of Betoota Advocate articles.


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