Extremely Baked Bloke Finds Tiger In Abandoned House While Looking For A Place To Chuff

Animal control officers were sent to a house in Houston recently after police discovered a tiger in an abandoned house after an anonymous tip from some verrrry high gents.

Apparently, two men entered an abandoned house so they could chuff a few cones in peace, however they noticed an absolutely ‘uge fuck off tiger sitting in the corner surrounded by packages of meat and in an extremely small cage.

I can’t imagine anything worse than going to your quite spot to puff a cone and discovering a tiger there, except for finding a tiger surrounded by strange packages of meat.

Police were understandably pretty confused, asking the men if “they were sure there was a tiger there or if it was just the effects of the drug?”

“This is not the first tiger that has been picked up by BARC,” police said. “People think that it is fun or that it is cool to have an exotic pet. More often than not it gets big, it gets expensive, it gets dangerous, and they end up turning the animal in or abandoning it.”

So there you have it, thanks to two hapless stoners a tiger was saved. Smoke weed friends, it clearly brings you one with nature.


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