Tinder Reveals The Best Beaches In Australia To Find Love, Or Cop A Filthy Root

There’s something about seeing large bodies of open water that is extremely peaceful for our soul, it’s why for centuries humans have settled near water and felt the need to explore vast oceans. That, and apparently we become incredibly horny at beaches and want to fuck everything in sight.

At least, that’s what Tinder reckons. The dating app released some of those fabled statistics to show us just downright horndogs we are, it appears that beaches just get Aussie’s motor’s running.

At the top of the list is Surfer’s Paradise, which makes sense because when there’s that much cocaine in the drinking water and you can seemingly get roids and tribal tattoos from vending machine, there’s inevitably going to be a few unplanned pregnancies.

The next stop is somewhat different. Byron Bay’s main beach comes in second, which, if you’ve ever heard about Byron Bay and their fascination for astrology and the Karma Suture shouldn’t really surprise you.

Third spot goes to Bondi Beach, which ever since it got it’s big break through on Bondi Rescue has been the go to place to pick some up while their still dazed from being concussed in the white water.

Here’s the rest of the list, use it as a certifiable guide to meet new people and fall in love, it’s almost impossible to fail.

4. Cronulla Beach, NSW

5. Main Beach, Noosa, QLD

6. Cottesloe Beach, WA

7. Mindil Beach, Darwin, NT

8. Manly Beach, NSW

9. Merewether Beach, Newcastle, NSW

10. St. Kilda Beach, VIC


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