Bullshit An Essay And You Could Win A Mansion Worth $1.7 Million

Back in high school, writing the best essay in the class would normally only land you an approving look from the teacher and a beating from other students.

Times have changed though, and these days the exchange rate for a pretty good essay appears to be the fully fledged rights to a $1.7 million mansion, not bad eh?

Alla Wagner of Alberta, Canada is trying to shift her house in a pretty unique way. Alla currently lives in her dream home, but after experiencing medical difficulties she realises it’s time to move on.

After her house sat on the market for months with no bites, she opened up a writing competition. The rules are simple, write a maximum of 350 words on why you deserve the house and send a $25 entry fee.

Wagner wants to receive over 68,000 entries, which would cover the $1.7 million asking price, and give Wagner more than a bit to read.

She says she’ll read all the entries herself, and if it looks like she might not reach the 68,000 needed she’ll extend the competition. If she’s nowhere near her goal she’ll call the whole thing off and return everyone’s cash.

The custom-built residence has three bedrooms, three full baths and two half baths, in addition to a wine cellar, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and a pond.

So what exactly is she looking for? Well in her own words she’s looking at
“How will moving here change someone’s life? Why would they enjoy cutting the grass? Why would they love being here? I don’t want to have tunnel vision. I want someone to tug on my heart strings.”

You can have a gander at the competition here.


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