That Fella From School Of Rock Has Been Jailed For Stealing Guitars And Isn’t Life Poetry?

School of Rock was easily one of the best kid’s movies of the 2000’s and Jack Black’s electrifying performance put him on the map for a lot of people, myself included.

Not only did the movie boast a killer soundtrack, but it allowed kids to imagine themselves as rockstars while still keeping it relevant to real life struggles that we all go through.

Obvsiously, stealing guitars to fuel your drug addiction that you acquired as a child star is something we all have to deal with, as School of Rock star Joey Gaydos Jr (also known as Zack) has made his riveting return to cinema in a CCTV video of him stealing.

Apparently, the 28-year-old was perusing the shelves of a guitar store and asked to try out an $800 Les Paul Epiphone Prophecy, however he shortly bolted out the store and left employees scratching their heads.

He tried the same thing again at another store, this time snagging himself a $1,900 guitar. However, he actually told arresting officers that he “Needed to be arrested” and blamed his theft on drug addiction.

Old mate has had a tough time of it in the acting world, not appearing in anything since School of Rock. Here’s to the glory days.


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