American Exchange Student In Italy Starts Fire By Cooking Pasta With No Water

Pasta has long been a favourite of students. It’s incredibly cheap, goes with pretty much anything and unless you’re brain-dead moronic, it’s pretty damn hard to fuck up.

With that being said, three American exchange students in Italy foiled their dreams of having authentic pasta in Italy by being brain-dead moronic and trying to cook pasta without water.

The three 20-year-olds acquired the pasta in Florence, with dreams of writing back home about their 300% authentic Italian cuisine. It’s not known whether the three had simply never cooked before, never seen someone cook pasta or simply didn’t know how to read instructions.

It seems that some students have had great difficulty getting their head around pasta, with one student actually dying due to eating pasta that was 5 days old.

After once accidentally leaving pasta in the bottom of the pan for around 4 days, I can only imagine what was going through that blokes mind when he thought that would be a good idea. The smell still haunts me.

In an effort to show not all Italians are control freaks when it comes to people cooking pasta, Italian chef Fabio Picchithis has offered the girls four hours of cooking lessons at one of his restuarants.

“They will have lunch in our restaurant with two of my extraordinary cooks,” he said. “They will teach them the simple basics that are very good if done well. I think this can be useful to them, but also to us. Understanding is what is beautiful and necessary.”


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