Liam Gallagher Was Carded When Buying Durries & He Ain’t Fkn Happy

There’s always a little bit of uncertainty when you’re buying something that requires ID. Is the cashier going to ask me for it? Should I take it out now? Do they even want to see it? Are the 5 goon bags that you’ve got resting on the counter going to make it past the cashiers withering gaze?

The bumbling social exchange that is checking ID’s is usually only confined to the rowdy youth, anyone of a certain maturity pretty much treats it as a compliment and goes on their merry way.

Except, of course, notoriously grumpy and short-tempered rock star Liam Gallagher who was recently asked for ID in New York while buying cigarettes – a mistreatment absolutely no celebrity should have to endure.

To be fair though, 4FUKIN4 sounds like a dope band name.

It is possible that Liam was unfairly treated, considering that the age to buy cigs in New York is 21 and Liam Gallager, on top of well into his 40’s, looks rougher than a sheet of fucking sandpaper.

As expected whenever a celebrity undergoes a slight misfortune, the internet responded in truly spectacular fashion. Pulling references from Oasis’ extensive back catalogue, it’s safe to say Twitter users had a bloody field day.

Liam was in New York to make his US concert debut as a solo artist and performed both new and old material at a secret gig at McKittrick.




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