4 Most Annoying Idiots on Instagram

Instagram be like: “Buy this pre-workout (seen here with my ridiculously staged selfie) Its killing my adrenals and makes me shit 3 times a day – I LOVE it” I don’t know about the rest of you dickheads but I’m seeing some repeat offenders on Instagram whose posts make me want to go on a […]

The ‘Creative’ First Year Undergraduate


What a mind-boggling, precariously balanced stage of life this is, especially for those studying a degree with few, if any, job prospects at the end. This period is made even more fractious given undergrads are just a tad past adolescence and a thousand seriously wrong decisions away from being a grown-up. Maybe I’m over-pessimistic in my views […]

My Journey From Carnivore To Vegetarian (And Back)


Awhile ago, I watched a bunch of documentaries that used suarve infographics to tell me if I ate another piece of steak the entire world was going to implode. When it did, I would fall into an endless crevice that grew progressively hotter until my internal temperature was so great my organs would feel as […]

Things I Do Instead Of University Work


Assignments creep up on you quicker than alcoholism or an Easter muffin top.  One minute uni is all bar games and painful break-the-ice rituals, and the next you’ve got a 10,000 word assignment worth 110% on a subject you don’t remember enrolling in. When you have to Google words in the essay question, you know […]

True Horrors Of The First Date

Italian man is looking another sexy woman at restaurant

First dates suck unless you love Tinder or have as much self-confidence as that Kurt Kole-thing from the Gold Coast (not hating – he’s pretty kewl). Anyway, Jennifer Gram, who writes for The Establishment, did a ‘real date conversation’ article in which she pretty much rammed the nail right through the three-ply after hitting it […]

How To Day Drink Like A Fucking Champion

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.30.12 am

Summer is coming. For Australians, that means drinking heavily in the sun until you get brain fade, pass out in a compromising position and have ejaculating dicks drawn all over your face. Though as haphazard as it may seem, day drinking is a fine art, and one that must be mastered if you wish to […]