The Deep, Dark Lies of Las Vegas

We had barely made it out of the airport when the cab driver struck up a conversation. “You guys had a carnival yet?” “We just got here.” “You know what a carnival is?” “…no.” “It’s when you get a girl to sit on your face and you guess how much she weighs.” Welcome to Fabulous […]

Australia, Can We Stop Hating on Vegans?

Vegans. The word alone is enough to make people roll their eyes and sigh. Maybe it’s because every single vegan is on a do or die mission to convert the mainstream population to their radical way of life, or maybe it’s because people just love having a stereotype to hate. I’ll preface this article by […]

Trump Is Bad, But the Media Are Worse

WARNING: The following words may cause severe anger and the urge to spontaneously combust. However, if you look at them long enough, you might just see where I’m coming from. Allow me to preface the following piece with the fact that, before the most recent American election (yes, that one), I would have considered myself […]

I Just Quit My Job And I Don’t Know How To Feel

Today I walked out of my job for the last time. I quit. Done, finished, complete. Me, the girl who has held shitty job after shitty job since she was 14 and 9 months said nope, that’s enough. It’s time to live a little–it’s time to quit crap job number 5 without a plan. Throughout […]

4 Reasons Why Sunday Seshing Can Go Get Fucked

It doesn’t really need to be said that Australian’s love to have a bevvy, the evidence is all around us. From a national holiday devoted to sinking piss in the sun, to having one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world, it’s fair to say that Australian’s are pretty good at getting loose. […]

Things I Think About Your Zany Bow Tie

Some people wear bow ties. They just do. Some people wear normal ties. Sometimes those people then do other normal things, like take them off before they go out to a nightclub. But other guys? Well, other guys go home, eat spaghettio’s for dinner, then put a white button up on and say things like […]