My Journey From Carnivore To Vegetarian (And Back)

Awhile ago, I watched a bunch of documentaries that used suarve infographics to tell me if I ate another piece of steak the entire world was going to implode. When it did, I would fall into an endless crevice that grew progressively hotter until my internal temperature was so great my organs would feel as […]

True Horrors Of The First Date

Italian man is looking another sexy woman at restaurant

First dates suck unless you love Tinder or have as much self-confidence as that Kurt Kole-thing from the Gold Coast (not hating – he’s pretty kewl). Anyway, Jennifer Gram, who writes for The Establishment, did a ‘real date conversation’ article in which she pretty much rammed the nail right through the three-ply after hitting it […]

How To Get Over Your Splendour Comedown


There’s nothing worse than that bleak feeling when you realise all the happiness you were spewing out at a festival was borrowed from today. To replenish, science suggests you take vitamin C, rest up and rehydrate. I suggest following this handy guide to getting over your comedown. (Ed note: in addition to the guide below, […]

The Five Stages Of A Five-Day Hangover


For anyone that likes to hit the bottle, burn the midnight oil and pluck every hair off of the proverbial dog, recovering between weekends can be a full-time occupation. As a few casual Friday bevvies gradually snowballs into a three-day brain-cell-killing spree, the sorry sap on the backend of the bender has to pick up […]