You Can Now Rent A Grounded Private Jet Just So You Can Flex On Insta

Curating an online persona that not only appears cultured and perceptive but also easy going and likeable is bloody hard work.

The amount of money that you have to throw away on decadent photo-friendly breakfasts and deconstructed coffees can make it feel like having a social media account with a few thousand followers isn’t even worth it.

But what if you just said “Fuck that”, and decided to bamboozle your audience with lavish situations that you could honestly never afford? Well, that’s now a very real possibility.

A company in Russia has started hiring out grounded private jets to Instagrammers who want to be able to stunt on their followers but don’t have the dosh to be able to do so.

For just $310, influencers can spend up to 2 hours at the Private Jet Studio in Moscow, posing with the furniture, hitting that good lighting and really just letting everyone know that you’ve accrued more wealth and are way more important than them.

The best bit is that magazines, bubbly, food platters AND an actual professional photographer are all available so you can really rub it in those darn poor people’s faces.

To put things in perspective, a 6-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles is around $38,000 in a private jet, so you could say that stunting in a grounded one is quite the bargain.




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