Woman Left Homeless After Thieves Steal Her Home

A crime that can only really be described as a bit bloody rough, one woman has been both robbed and left homeless after a couple of thieving wankers decided to load her mobile home onto a trailer and then fuck off with it.

Apparently, the incident took place between 6 pm on Wednesday 22 November and 6am on Thursday 23 November 2017 at The Yard on Willand Road, Cullompton.

Thieves were able to enter a locked yard inconspicuously and then loaded the woman’s 40ft static caravan on to a flat trailer, and then hightailed it out of there with it on the back.

PC Marie Gorfin said: “The home would have had to be taken by a specific low loader trailer that is capable of taking a caravan of this size and by someone that knew what they were doing.

“This is a very high value and emotive crime as the victim is now homeless and clearly distraught.

“We are urging anyone with information to come forward to police by emailing us or making a call to the station.”

Unfortunately, the victim was not at home when the robbery took place, so not only did she come home to find she’d been robbed, but her bloody house had disappeared as well.


With the Christmas season approaching, let this be a reminder to everyone that thieves will literally take anything that’s not nailed down… including your house.

Source: Devon Live 



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