White Nationalists Are Getting Awkward Results On Their Ancestry Tests

Genetic ancestry tests are cracking eggs onto the faces of white nationalists everywhere, as many of the self-proclaimed ‘purebreds’ are discovering that they’re not so ‘pure’ after all.

In a study presented earlier this week, sociologists Aaron Panofsky and Joan Donovan discuss how a number of quasi-European racial extremists are being shunned and exiled by their peers after receiving not-so-convincing results from their DNA tests. It’s a big deal, apparently, when someone so belligerently opposed to African, Asian and Jewish people turns out to be part-African, part-Asian and/or part-Jewish.

For a lot of people, this is what the science is awkwardly starting to expose.

Panofsky and Donovan found that many white nationalists have been voluntarily participating in these ancestry tests in order to back up their self-superior rhetoric: to put their money where their mouths are, so to speak, and prove their indisputable ‘whiteness’. They then take to online forums such as Stormfront – a white nationalist online message board started by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Don Black – to discuss the results.

Image: Genetics Generation

But that whole ‘100% Anglo’ argument doesn’t always check out, apparently. And science isn’t exactly stepping in to bat for the wishful-thinking xenophobes.

Those who come to the message boards bearing ‘bad news’ about their ancestral heritage are often cast out, and even vilified, by their former comrades.

“Sometimes they will try to kick someone out or write a disparaging message to a person who posts ‘bad news,’ and sometimes it’s very harsh: kill yourself. Drink a cup of cyanide. Whatever you do don’t have kids and pollute the White race,” Panofsky said in an interview with Diverse.

More common, however, is the tendency for a lot of these people to question the science and denounce the reliability of genetic ancestry tests, even to the point of racially-charged conspiracy.

“I would be interested in taking a DNA test to explore my ancestry, but one thing prevents me,” wrote one Stormfront user. “That is the fact that 23 and Me [a popular DNA-testing service] is Jewish controlled and it would not be surprising if all the others are too… it IS possible to develop synthetic diseased (sic) that will kill only whites with a 100 percent death rate…. I think 23 and Me might be a covert operation to get DNA the Jews could then use to create bio-weapons for use against us.”

This particular mode of thinking – one that doesn’t necessarily discount scientific reasoning so much as manipulate it to serve its own agenda – leads Panofsky to believe that we ought to start rethinking the way we engage with these kinds of people. To assume that they’re all backwoods mouth-breathers, he thinks, is to underestimate them in a potentially dangerous way.

“It’s not about showing respect to their politics, but I think we need to understand that they’re often very sophisticated,” Panofsky said. “We need to be sophisticated in our response and not dismissive of them intellectually.”

Source: STAT News
Feature image: AOL


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