Escaped Tortoise Found 2 Weeks Later Just 140m From Zoo

Ah, tortoises, well known for their love of pizza and fighting crime, helping small fish find their son and most of all, their inability to move anywhere very quickly.

It’s perhaps the latter that serves as the humble tortoise’s most notable quality, but it looks like our shell-endowed friends can add one more skill to the list: internationally recognised escape artist.


Two weeks ago, 35-year-old female tortoise Abuh took advantage of zoo keepers allowing her to roam around the establishment during opening hours and made a brave trot to freedom.

She apparently made it out of Shibukawa Animal Park in Okayama, Japan and zoo keepers were so stumped that they offered a reward of ¥500,000 (AUD$5,700) for her return.

She was later discovered by a visiting family in a forest just over 50m away from the zoo’s entrance. To be fair, when you’re only capable of going 0.27 km/h, that’s a pretty bloody good effort.

“We were so relieved that she came back safely as she is so popular among children,” said zoo staffer Yoshimi Yamane, who reckons Abuh – despite weighing over 55 kilos – has a very gentle disposition.

“We will try to take new measures so that this won’t happen again,” Yamane added, without giving details. I can only assume those measures include steel bars, high tech security cameras and lasers, probably.

Source: Channel News Asia


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