Watch This Derelict Stadium Refuse To Give A Single Fuck About Being Demolished

It can sometimes feel like everything in life is doing its very best to try and pull you down all the time, much like what Katy Perry said in her fabled pop choon Firework, sometimes we’re all a lil like a plastic bag floating through the wind.

So, my dear friends, take some inspiration from this badass old stadium, which despite being rigged with more explosives than me after having a curry, still didn’t fall down.

The big ol’ hunk of metal and concrete known as the Pontiac Silverdome in Detriot has been largely abandoned since resident Detriot Lions moved out in 2001, and the stadium has laid dormant for many years, ready for a worthy opponent to try themselves against its colossal might.

And try and try they did, but demolition crews were unable to lever the nearly 42-year-old building, and had to retreat back to smoko with their tails behind their legs.

Fuark me, just like at the absolute juggernaut shrug off tonnes of explosives like it was merely a pesky fly bothering it.

I certainly don’t feel for the guy who’s got to go in and check that it’s not about to imminently collapse, those odds seem a little bit too fine in my opinion.

Apparently, the failed demo was caused by more than 10 percent of the explosives not going off, another demolition has been scheduled soon.




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