Totally Shit ‘RoboCop’ Fired After It Allegedly Started Harassing Homeless People

It’s at least somewhat sad that over a hundred years ago people were predicting 2017 to have flying cars, printable food and high rises that reached the stratosphere.

Instead, we got bitcoin, numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against our most well-known pop culture figures, and this absolutely shite excuse for a robot cop.

The same robot that decided to off itself in a local fountain is back in the news, amid claims that the psycho little shit began to harass local homeless people in the area.

The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had been using the 5-foot tall bot to tackle crime around its HQ, including various break-ins and drug abuse.

And it did a pretty good job, presumably because a soulless robot patrolling the streets is enough to deter any petty criminals. However, issues began when it started to harass homeless people in the area, and deterred them from setting up camp.

In retaliation, the robot has had BBQ sauce plastered all over its sensors, as well as being pushed over. The SF SPCA has since withdrawn the robot from its duties, and issued a statement:

“The SF SPCA was exploring the use of a robot to prevent additional burglaries at our facility and to deter other crimes that frequently occur on our campus — like car break-ins, harassment, vandalism, and graffiti — not to disrupt homeless people. Clearly, it backfired.”

Knightscope, the company that makes the robot, took to Twitter in attempt to quell the bad PR storm.

I mean… of course there’s going to be lesser break-ins because there is a huge fuck off robot patrolling the streets, it doesn’t mean that brute force and an unwavering hand of justice is the best possible way to tackle these issues.



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