Totally Fkd Surgeon Admits To Branding Initials On Patients’ Livers

We’ve all had those periods at work where things are a bit quiet, so we look to add our own personal flair and touch of creativity to the job. It could be a bartender adding a delicious twist to a classic cocktail, a supermarket stacker giving the most deserving brands a spot at the front, or perhaps a surgeon might decide to leave his own mark on your insides.

Which, would you believe, is exactly what one surgeon from the UK did, after deciding it would be a bloody grand idea to etch his initials into the livers of two patients.


Dr Simon Bramhall, 53, admitted to the Birmingham Crown Court that he had etched “SB” onto the two patients’ livers in 2013 using an argon beam, which is a tool usually used to stop blood flow and resection organs.

While Bramhall’s ‘artistic flair’ didn’t directly cause any damage to either liver, one patient apparently had a follow-up surgery and the initials were discovered then, not quite the surprise a surgeon wants to see.

Specialist prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Elizabeth Reid said that his actions were “deliberate and conscious.”

“Those assaults were wrong not just ethically, but also criminally,” she said in a statement. “It was an abuse of the trust placed in him by the patients.”

 Bramhall was suspended in 2013 and then resigned from his position at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in 2014.
A Birmingham Crown Court rep said he was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm but pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a lesser charge of assault by beating, which in this case refers to the physical act of inscribing livers. Tasty.
He is free on bail and will be sentenced January 12.
Source: CNN


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