This Japanese Girl Band Is Here To Educate You On Bitcoin

Heard of Bitcoin? Don’t know what it is? Tired of acting like a savvy cryptopreneur around friends, family and colleagues?

Don’t worry: I probably just described 95% of the human population. Bitcoin is the emperor’s new clothes of today, and no one’s quite willing to admit that the concept of a “decentralised digital currency” is… murky.

Enter the Virtual Currency Girls: a new all-girl Japanese ‘idol’ band striving to educate the masses on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Image: Bitcoin News

The band is comprised of eight Japanese girls, each playing a character that embodies a different type of digital currency. There’s Bitcoin Girl, of course, but also Ethereum Girl, Ripple Girl etc. And in a world full of undiscerning investors, they’re uniting to fight the good fight.

The Virtual Currency Girls’ debut single, ‘The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me’, warns listeners to be vigilant to fraudulent operators and check up on their internet security. Unless you speak Japanese literally no part of that will be clear upon listening – but the track itself is an indisputable belter:

“We want to promote the idea through entertainment that virtual currencies are not just a tool for speculation but are a wonderful technology that will shape the future,” said the group’s 18-year-old leader, Rara Naruse, in an online statement.

The Girls are set to hold their debut live performance in Tokyo this Friday (January 12). Payment for merchandise will only be accepted in virtual currencies.
Source: The Straits Times
Feature image: Coin Telegraph


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