There’s A Petition To Get Flume His Very Own Statue

Australia is a country that bloody loves its heroes. From Sir Donald Bradman to Steve Irwin, Eddie Mabo and Crocodile Dundee, and of course, the bloke that cooks snags at the Bunning’s sausage sizzle.

So what better way to celebrate one of our most treasured young citizens, the man who’s music has soundtracked many memorable nights out, Flume, then with a statue of the big fella himself?

That’s exactly Joesph Smith’s reasoning, so he decided to start a petition in order to erect a statue of our own legit Grammy winner in his very own hometown of Manly. The petition has already reached its goal of over 500 signatures, so it looks like the Northern Beaches Council and Warringah Council will have to get their arses in gear.

Joesph had a chat with about his vision and said:

“It was something we have been toying with as a joke for some time now in the office. It goes without saying that Flume has become a bloody superstar and what better way to cement that stardom than with a pile of whatever it is they use to make those public sculptures in his home town.

“I had no idea it would get this much traction so far, but clearly it is what the people want! If this gets to 1000 signatures I’ll be dropping this in the Warringah Council’s ‘urgent suggestions’ box.”

You can sign the petition here, it’s about time Flume got the bloody recognition he deserves.




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