The Nerds At Forbes Did A Full-On Analysis Of The Meme Stock Market

Memes have become a worryingly important part of society in the last couple of years. They’re an excellent way of summarising, discussing and analysing important popular culture and the impact that they’ve had on the world is almost scary.

With companies starting to see the financial and public relations benefits that can come from a couple of dank memes, it’s not really surprising that we need some sort of stock exchange, on par with the one in New York, obviously.

Enter NASDANQ, the meme equivalent of the actual stock exchange and also the brainchild of r/MemeEconomy. The subreddit is dedicated to observing memes much like real stocks, imagining that every meme is a stock people can invest in and trade with on the stock market.


The whole concept is pretty fun and allows users to see which memes are about to be poppin’ and which ones will endure the fate of Harambe. In the same way that the annoying kid at school used to ruin a joke by going waaaay too far with it, Forbes recently published a full blown analysis of the Meme stock market complete with graphs and let’s just say, it’s rather tedious.

Honestly, it’s a pretty intense read. If you’re used to wading your way through the daily financial review then have a red hot go at it here, but essentially the author concludes that memes are in fact, dank, and could be a viable business venture.

At some points, it feels like the author has lost their grip on reality and forgets that they’re talking about a bunch of strangers shitposting about memes and not Warren Buffett.

“The Top Decile Memes Portfolio, on the other hand, experienced massive growth. Top memes ended 183.5% higher than they began, peaking at gains of 1392.4% on April 26. The market crashed abruptly on April 27, erasing much of the Top Decile Memes Portfolio’s gains and shaving the overall market down to 72.7% of where it started.”

So there you go, if you feel like making bank maybe think about hopping on meme stock exchange, it could be the next Bitcoin!


Image: Your Article Library


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