That Bloke Who Jumped Into Croc Infested Waters Spent $7K On Drugs And Women

Remember that charming fellow who was brave/stupid enough to jump into crocodile-infested waters all in order to woo a girl? Well, old mate’s back in the news, except this time it’s for pleading guilty to assaulting two coppers while he was locked up in the watchhouse and NOT for nearly losing his arm for a dare.

Lee De Paauw, an 18-year-old fella from Innisfail and the likely star of the next Crocodile Dundee franchise, was today convicted of several offences, including one count of attempting to steal a car and two counts of assaulting a police officer, one of which he picked up while he was waiting in custody.


De Paauw lawyer Chris Blishen reckons that the media attention his client received after his stunt ultimately led him into a downhill spiral, although I’d hardly call jumping into croc-infested waters to possibly win over a girl wasn’t a solid foundation to begin with.

“The media took quite a lot of interested in my client,” he told the court. “They reduced him to a celebrity which gave him some notoriety, which actually helped him in jail.”

He also told the court that his client had received up to $7,000 for one of his interviews, and had proceeded to spend every cent of it on drugs and women. “He goes on what I would say would be a drug binge […] he jumped into a river and it just escalated from there,” Blishen said.

The man himself appeared in court via a video link, where he interjected several times to show off his eight-pack and broke down sobbing when he learned he’d be getting out of the clanker just 16 days into his 3-month sentence.

He’ll be on probation for two years, which means he’ll be swimming into the comforting arms of a huge fuck-off croc somewhere in the near future.

Source: ABC



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