Stick-On Nipples Aim To Promote Female Empowerment

Who hasn’t wished for perkier nipples from time to time? It’s all well and good if you’re wearing a light top in a frigid breeze, or listening to Prince with your eyes closed, but there are inevitably going to be times when your rubber bullets just aren’t quite standing firm; when people aren’t paying enough attention to what’s going on under your shirt.

That at least seems to be the mentality behind Just Nips: the stick-on accessories aiming to promote female empowerment by accentuating the visibility of a woman’s nipples under clothing.

“Oh it’s okay, you can keep looking at my tits!” says Molly Borman in the products’ promotional video, the cameraman ogling over her bust like a drunken intern at ZOO magazine. “These are Just Nips. They are stick-on nipples to make you look cold and feel hot.”

In an apparent bid to push the envelope on the recent ‘free the nipple’ campaign, Borman claims she wants women to “feel good in their skin, comfortable with their bodies, super-empowered when they wear this product” – and, at least according to anecdotal feedback from her customers, the effect of Just Nips has been pretty much that.

The entrepreneurial New Yorker was cleaned right out of her synthetic teats in the lead-up to the Women’s March on Washington and again, interestingly, on Valentine’s Day. Borman believes that the success of her stick-on nipples – which come in ‘cold’ and ‘freezing’, depending on how perky you want to go – works hand-in-hand with the contemporary push for feminism and female empowerment.

Whether or not drawing attention to one’s breasts in an attempt to “feel hot” is what most women would call ‘empowering’ is up for grabs – horses for courses and all that – but even the promotional video is somewhat unconvincing. When Borman asks a random woman on the street if Just Nips is a product that she would buy, the stranger candidly responds: “Probably not”. A man on the street, meanwhile, agrees with Borman’s shameless provocations that he does in fact “like what [he] sees.”

In any case, if this is something that makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin, even when it’s not technically your own skin, then absolute power to you. For around $10 USD you can grab yourself a pair of nips from Borman’s website,

Careful with that URL though: apparently is porn.

Source/Feature image: New York Post


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