Some Sneaky Uber Drivers Are Tacking On ‘Cleaning Fees’ In A Fake Vomit Scam

We’ve all been there, heading home from a night of debauchery at 4 am with 10 double rum and cokes doing the best to make their way out of your stomach and into the interior of your poor Uber driver’s car.

For every person that grips the seat with both hands and stares vacantly out the window until they arrive at their destination, there’s another person who forgets that Uber drivers are well within their right to slap you with a cleaning fee and proceeds to spew their guts up everywhere.

Now obviously, as much as a cleaning fee may suck for you, an Uber driver having to clean a stranger’s vomit out of the car is the considerably worse end of the deal.

However, some cheeky Uber drivers have been reportedly running a scam, where they use fake photos of vomit to get an extra $80 or $150 slapped onto your 4 am lift home.

The scam is making waves in the States at the moment, but we’ve also had a bit of a problem with fraudulent charging in Australia as well.

Speaking to Vice, one Uber driver confirmed that the scam had been “going on for a while” and the drivers knew exactly what they were doing.

It’s a bit hard to police this sort of behaviour because it’s pretty difficult to find out which party is in fact lying. However, Uber has said that if the circumstances seem fraudulent, they will definitely investigate.

So I guess there’s not much you can do besides double checking your fee breakdown, and ensuring that you make the effort of some extremely painful small talk in order to seem like a good person.



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