Some Fella Pretended To Be Nickleback’s Drummer and Stole $25,000 Worth of Drum Gear

Ah Nickleback, despised internet meme and lovers of photographs. While being one of the well-known bands in the world is pretty damn cool, it’s a lot less cool when you’re famous for being extremely hated. At this point, it begs the question, who would actually want to be part of Nickleback? I mean sure, they’re extremely wealthy, get to travel the world playing music and have numerous accolades, but they get made fun of on the internet so WHO NEEDS IT.

Well, apparently some people do because a bloke from Florida used Nickleback drummer Daniel Adair’s identity to order around $25,000 worth of drum equipment. The order was first brought to Adair’s attention when the band’s security specialist noticed the purchases, which were being shipped from a company in Vienna, Austria to Florida. Seeing as Adair doesn’t even live in Florida, the whole thing seemed kind of fishy so he hit up police who were able to trace the scam to the house of Lee Howard Koenig.

After conducting some sleuth like research, Adair discovered that like him, Koenig was also a drummer who played with an almost identical kit. Adair also discovered three websites related to Koenig’s drumming, one of which was the Facebook page ‘MR WOOKY‘, a page that has amassed a following of a whopping 27 likes.

This isn’t the first time that Koenig has stiffed people over money. Previously, Koenig was investigated by police after hosting a benefit concert for a charity and then never giving the organisation any money, which is extremely shitty. He was also arrested and sentenced to 3 years in jail as well as having to pay back $78,000 that he had collected fraudulently in 2007.

Koenig is currently looking down the barrel of 2 felony fraud charges and was recently released from jail on an $18,750 bail.

Source: TcPalm 

Image: VICE



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