Slapping Songs On Your Insta Story Will Now Get Aussie Artists Some Dollarydoos

If you ever needed a good reason to obnoxiously post an obscure song on your Instagram story that no one will listen to, well I’ve got some bloody good news for ya.

APRA AMCOS, Australia’s leading music body which looks after over 95,000 members has announced a new deal with Facebook which will mean that its musicians receive payment whenever you post a story with their song in it.

Seeing as Facebook also owns Instagram, this deal also extends to the photography app and will go a long way in ensuring that artists are properly compensated for their work.

“We are delighted to be working with Facebook to ensure the creative content of our members and affiliates that is used on the platform is fairly remunerated,” said APRA AMCOS chief executive Dean Ormston.

“Whether it’s live music or digital, the sustainability of Australian and New Zealand music relies on our industry working in partnership with platforms like Facebook to support new developments in music consumption, ensure the public has access to great music and that music creators have a sustainable industry that supports their careers,” Mr Ormston said.

It will probably take a few months for a deal of this size to come into full effect, and judging from the money that artists make from streaming (fuck all) it’s unlucky that you’ll be able to fund your fave band’s next holiday from an insta story.

However, it’s definitely a step in the right direction in terms of giving artists ownership and the recognition they deserve.


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