Bloke Pepper Sprays His Barber After Receiving A Shit Trim

The worst part about wearing glasses and going to get a haircut is the fact that I can’t actually tell if my barber is fucking up my hair to the very end due to not wearing my glasses, and by that point it’s far too late to air my grievances so I just pay and have a cry in the shower.

While I’ve definitely thought about sending a harshly worded email after my barber fucked my shit up, I could probably learn a thing or two from this disgruntled German fellow, who let loose with a can of pepper spray because he was unhappy with his trim.

Apparently, a bloke from the city of Bremen reluctantly settled his haircut bill, before returning back and firing off at the 52-year-old barber who did him so wrong.

He then cheekily flipped the middle finger and rushed off into the shadows, before he was apprehended by police and arrested.

Amusingly, he’s now under arrest for dangerous assault and violation of the Explosives Act, due to an unauthorized firecracker being discovered during an investigation on Wednesday.

So basically, old mate thought he could get away with a casual bit of assault and has found himself in shit hot water because he had illegal explosives.

Sounds like poetic justice to me.


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