Scientists Are Using MDMA to Cure Tinnitus

A scientific study in New Zealand has completed trials with the goal of proving that tinnitus, a pretty shitty condition where sufferers report feeling an uncontrollable ringing in the ears, can be cured using  MDMA, the drug commonly associated with good times and raves. reports that researchers began the study almost two years ago with a small bunch of participants who were placed into small groups. One group was given a placebo while the other was given a small dose of MDMA.

At the beginning of the trials, University of Auckland postdoctoral fellow Daniel Spiegel commented on where the idea to use the drug originated from, saying: “The initial idea came from some anecdotal evidence from a research clinic where some participants were quite frank and said that after taking ecstasy their tinnitus went away.” So we can thank a few honest dinger takers for a new weapon in the fight against ear ringing.

Although the majority of participants who took MDMA reported that their tinnitus reduced, a number of participants from the placebo group also reported similar results. So it’s somewhat unclear as to whether MDMA is helping reduced symptoms or not.

University of Auckland professor Grant Searchfield, who is leading the research team, said that they had to be extremely cautious when conducting the study. “Our goal is to try and find a medication for tinnitus. It can have catastrophic effects. Whether MDMA is it or whether it’s a trial for us to identify what is going on in the brain is still an open question.”

Participants in the study were either given doses of 30 mg or 70 mg, so not enough to induce love bombs or make house music enjoyable to listen to.

Before undertaking the next steps, scientists are reviewing all the data and sciency stuff from the trials, which can take a while. It also looks like they’re going to need some more funding before we can expect to buy molly at the chemist.

Source: Mixmag

Image: Reddit user biolizzard11


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