Roller Coaster In Japan Stalls, Traps Passengers Upside Down For 2 Hours

A mechanic glitch at a bloody ‘uge Japanese theme park has left unwitting passengers stranded upside down 30 meters in the air for two hours as rescuers worked their arses off to get them down safely.

The Flying Dragon at Universal Studios Japan was carrying 64 passengers through a routine ride when all of a sudden it came to an emergency stop right at the apex of the ride, super convenient for the passengers of course.

Aside from this being an absolutely terrifying experience even if the ride went normally anyway, being stuck upside down for 2 hours would geniunely make me want to cry.

Park officials reckon they were quick off the bat to save everyone, they believe the ride was triggered by a malfunctioning motor-regulating device on the ride’s rails.

The workers gave it the ol’ once over and sent everyone on their way, but I expect they won’t be rushing to ride another coaster any time soon.


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