‘Rick & Morty’ Premiere Sparks Crazy Szechuan Dipping Sauce Bidding War

Unless you’re living under a rock, you might have heard that the season three premiere of Rick and Morty recently dropped, on April Fool’s Day no less. The first episode of season three had some great moments and if you’re in Rick and Morty Schwiftposting, a lot of great memes as well. While the entirety of the episode was top notch, one particular bit stood out above the rest.

In the episode, Rick uses a trip through his memory to swing by McDonalds in order to grab the Szechuan Sauce, brought out as a special in 1998 to celebrate the release of Disney’s Mulan. 

After the episode aired, fans were trying to essentially shitpost McDonald’s into bringing back the sauce, with an abundance of petitions and public call outs on McDonalds’ social media pages.

While I’m sure that McDonald’s PR department is working frantically on bringing back the sauce in order to capitalise on an absolute unicorn of a PR opportunity, people want the sauce, and they want it now.

Enter dubiously named Ebay user definitelynotdanharmon, who’s looking to benefit from the world’s sudden obsession with Szechuan by cashing in on a very rare container of the magic sauce from when it was still in production. 

At the time of writing, the bidding had reached a frankly staggering US $76,200 (AU$100,744), but there’s a catch. The winning bidder won’t only be spending an exuberant amount of money on a joke, they’ll only be receiving a photo of the sauce instead of the actual product.

The item description does indeed clarify that “you are bidding on an authentic autographed photograph of that Mmmulan McMcMcNugget sauce, printed shoddily on plain paper and sent in an ordinary USPS stamped envelope. You will also receive a complimentary sense of generalized bamboozlement for having the poor judgment to spend good money on this particular auction.” The listing also states that “There may or may not be other things that happen to you because you win this auction.”

So there you go, if you buy this photograph that may or may not be owned by Dan Harmon for an insane amount of money, things may or may not happen to you.

Sounds like a winning bet to me.

Source: Mashable

Image: Ebay




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