Bloke Marries Robot After Failing to Find Human Wife

Finding love in this crazy mixed-up world is bloody hard. Having to navigate the troublesome waters of commitment, jealousy and figuring out if they’re a serial killer is enough to make anyone want to give up on finding love. That’s why we have things like Tinder, a literal showcase of everyone in the immediate area that wants to fuck you… and some people still can’t find a partner.

Zheng Jiajia, a Chinese artificial intelligence expert, became so frustrated with his inability to find a wife that he ripped up the rule book and built himself one instead. The robot, which he built at the end of last year, is named Yingying and it can even identify Chinese characters and images and say a few simple words. Which is both fascinating and extremely terrifying.

Zheng married his creation last Friday, in a simple ceremony involving friends and family. Yingying rocked a black suit on the day and “her” head was covered with a red scarf during the ceremony, which is a traditional Chinese wedding ritual.

Apparently, Zheng is pretty keen on upgrading his wife even further, he plans on enabling her to walk and help out with household chores. I’m sure he’s got a few more “upgrades” planned as well, but he probably didn’t feel comfortable sharing those.

It’s undeniably weird that some bloke’s built himself a wife, and I’m not entirely sure about the specifics of their relationship… but doesn’t everyone deserve a chance to be happy? Maybe this is the start of a long line of robots built purely to satisfy human emotion… which sounds EXACTLY like the start of an apocalyptic sci-fi movie


Image: YouTube


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