Police Ask Volunteers to Get High – For Research Purposes

Weed’s having a bit of a moment right now, isn’t it? Mary jane’s the talk of the town. And if early indications are anything to go by, it looks like the whole town’s going to be toking on it before too long.

Which is a problem for highway patrol. Namely, because it means hordes of bong-rats getting behind the wheel and gunning it to the nearest 7-Eleven.

“Approximately 75 percent of the DUI arrests that I make nowadays are drug impaired – more specifically to cannabis than alcohol,” said Bryan Duncan, a police officer from Glendale, California.

Image: IFC

So what to do? Well, in order to crack down on high drivers, police thought it best to get some drivers high. For research purposes: just to see what it is, exactly, that officers in the field should be on the lookout for. And so they asked for volunteers.

A handful of green-thumbed guinea pigs put up their hands, and police conducted a ‘green lab’ experiment to ascertain signs of impairment. That experiment basically involved the subjects undergoing a sobriety test, going and getting blazed in a tent, then having another sobriety test.

The hope is that, by identifying the main watermarks of someone who’s well and truly ripped, authorities might have a fighting chance of cracking down on munted motorists.

Image: ExecuCare Addiction Recovery Centre

But Edson Villegas, who willingly partook in the green lab, can’t quite get his head around it.

“If I’m high, I don’t want to drive,” he said. “Like why? If I’m high, I just want to sit there.”

Source: WorldNews
Feature image: 1310 News


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