People In Switzerland Keep Finding Money Clogging Their Toilets

There are a number of things that one might find clogging their toilet. A big ol’ turd, a jug of particularly vibrant carrots, and if you’ve just entered the stall of a dingy nightclub, cocaine. Lots and lots of cocaine.


While we’re mostly accustomed to the usual toilet blocking suspects, I very much doubt anyone’s gone to the shitter only to come back with tales of money clogging the pipes.

Well, that’s exactly what happened in the quaint Swiss town of Geneva, which once was the site of the famous Geneva treaties, and is now home to the biggest toilet clogging scandal the world has ever seen.

One of the citie’s officials recently confirmed a newspaper report that said wads of cut up 500-euro-notes (around $600) had been turning up in three local neighbourhood restaurant’s toilets, as well as a local bank’s.

Prosecutor’s office spokesman Henri Della Casa confirmed Friday’s report in the Tribune de Geneve, claiming that the notes, which had been appearing on a number of occasions over a period of months, were all once worth thousands of dollars as well.

It’s currently unclear where exactly the money is coming from, because, y’know, tracing money that’s mysteriously turned up in people’s lavatories is actually pretty hard.

However preliminary clues from an investigation suggest that the bounty once belonged to a group of Spanish women, who had placed the loot in a Geneva vault several years ago.

So there you go, keep your eyes peeled and hopefully you’ll be blessed with some floating toilet money too.

Source: Time



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