One Aus Uni Had 6 Students Living In Its 24-Hour Library, Which Is Kind Of Cooked

If you’ve ever walked through a University library at exam time, you’ll know damn well that it’s an exhibition of just what human beings will do for survival.

Energy drinks clutter the floor as their weary heads hang low over their desk, an extremely suspect aroma arises from then and you realise that they probably haven’t had a shower in 3 days and all that caffeine doesn’t exactly help the stomach.

Thankfully, once your assignments are done and you’re realised from the hell-hole that is the Uni library, but for some people, it can feel like there’s no escape.

It’s been discovered that up to 6 international students were legit living full-time at Charles Sturt University’s library when they travelled to the Port Macquarie from Sydney to attend classes.

Apparently, the Uni offered accommodation, but they all advised that they were “staying with friends” which in other terms means “not paying you another fucking cent for overpriced student accommodation.”

Council of International Students Australia’s public relations officer Arjun Mathilakath Madathil said that it’s tough out there for international students.

“Some students stay at hostels or AirBnbs when they first get here, but once that is done, they become homeless and they feel safer to stay on campus, or in a campus library,” he said.

There are currently 44,000 homeless people under the age of 25 in Australia, clearly, it’s time we pull our finger out and focus on making houses a bit more affordable for the average person.


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