NASA Wants To Put Robot Bees On Mars & Oh Honey That Sounds Terrifying

In what feels like a forecast into the future of our own decimation, NASA is gearing up to release some robot bees on Mars and quite frankly I couldn’t think of anything more fucking terrifying.

Apparently, they want to replace the often bulky and super exxy rovers with a swarm of sensory bees that can fly around without a care in the world.

They’re hoping their army of robot bees will be able to map Martian terrain as well as collect samples of the atmosphere in hopes of finding methane gas, a possible hint at life.

If you’re worried this could mean that killer robot bees might make an appearance on earth in the future, you can relax. NASA reckons that helicopter typer rotors are much more suited to earth’s atmosphere, but the flapping wing design allows them to integrate certain low power alternatives while on Mars.

The bees, titled Marsbees (lol) are currently under development at the University of Alabama, Huntsville.


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