NT Police Post ‘Fully Lit’ Anti-Drug Video, Proving They’re Totally With It

Proving that cops can be pretty darn ~woke~, the Northern Territory Police released a funky AF anti-drug video yesterday, instructing punters on how to “have a fully lit time at Bass In The Grass” music festival in Darwin.

Senior Constable Dean Elliott, “TV legend and instructional guru”, is the shining star of this 80’s-nostalgic masterpiece, along with his lackey Richard – who struts around in a chicken suit and behaves like a bit of a “cock”. Geddit?

What follows is a cringey two-and-a-half minutes’ worth of shit acting, staged bloopers, and an overall awkward attempt to deliver a not-so-funny message via a bunch of not-so-funny gags. All of which go a long way towards demonstrating that police definitely aren’t out of touch with the youth of today, no sir-ee, not even a little bit.

All that aside, though, the actual purpose of this video remains altogether unclear. Since the rules Constable Elliott outlines are all more or less common sense – that one is not allowed to bring alcohol, bring drugs, jump the fence, or gain entry with an illegitimate ticket – the idea behind it seems to be that punters will decide to do the right thing out of sheer respect for the police’s tongue-in-cheek attempts at relevance.

Points for thinking outside the soapbox, but it does all seem like a slight waste of time, effort and money, doesn’t it? Whether the amount of people dacking flasks, popping pingers and fence-jumping at Bass In The Grass will be mitigated whatsoever by this new age approach remains to be seen.

Probably not though.


Source: Mashable
Feature image: YouTube


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