‘Herb Grinder’ gets slated with bad reviews from people who don’t know it’s for weed

Amazon item descriptions are a land of false promises and broken dreams. What you hoped was a fully functioning iPhone 7 turned out to be an old Nokia with a peeling apple sticker on the back.

So when you spot an item with a title as juicy as “Ohuhu Tobacco Grinders Herb Grinder /Weed Grinder/ Plant Grinder / Pollen Collector/ 4 Pieces 2.38″ Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy, Magnetic Top, Elegant Black,” your immediate thought might not be to bust out a tender rack of lamb and get to work on the rosemary.


Well, that’s what one particular Amazon user decided to do when her search for a herb grinder left her unfulfilled, so she settled on an actual herb grinder. You have to say, what a world we live in where we can shop for weed paraphernalia on a global marketplace shared by families and the Sham Wow. Brilliant.

In a scathing one-star review that even the harshest of critics might deem too far, A.Maddox reckoned that “The rosemary just fell right through, I’m sure it works well for nugs, but I actually need a spice grinder and it’s impossible to find now thanks to the weed industry. I wish they would call them something else so I don’t have to sort through 89,679,376 products like this to find an actual spice grinder.”

It’s a trap we know all too well but fall for anyway. Let anyone who dares to whip up a spice rub or dazzle taste buds know, grinders ain’t shit for actually grinding herb.

Source and image: Munchies


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