New Zealand Are Trying To Reclaim The ‘C-Word’ And We Wish Them Luck

It’s no secret that Australia probably has the most relaxed stance on using the word ‘cunt’ in casual conversation than any other country in the world, just drop a c-bomb overseas and you’ll see people’s faces twist in horror.

While our care-free dropping of the c-bomb might not be something that many other countries are keen to replicate, New Zealand are having a red hot go as Greens co-leader Marama Davidson reckons it’s time to take the stigma away from saying it.

At a recent anti-racism rally, she said the word on three separate occasions and had absolutely no remorse.

“That word is a powerful word for women and shouldn’t be used as abuse,” Ms Davidson says.

I mean, using that logic you could argue that we need to reclaim “dick” because it’s only a sexual organ, however true that may be there are certainly correct situations to use it in.

Pop culture plays a massive role in deciding what is acceptable to say and do in society, so maybe leave cultural dialogue to that sector instead of a politician trying to convince the general public what they are allowed to say.

However, New Zealand’s attitude is certainly changing towards the word. Five years go, 72 percent of people surveyed thought the word was unacceptable in all scenarios, but this year that statistic is only around 63 percent.

It’s still a fairly high percentage of the population, but Davidson is confident that a new generation will come through who don’t see the word as taboo.

As to why this is a pressing political matter that deserves undivided attention, no one really knows.


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