Maccas Are Now Slinging Your Menu Faves All Bloody Day So Start Tucking In

Sometimes, a bowl of yoghurt and granola doesn’t quite cut it in the morning and you require the artery-clogging glory that is a Big Mac before you start going about your day.

Previously, you would have had to wait for a suitable time before you could dive into your deep-fried fantasies, but thanks to the great glowing Golden Arches you can now grab your menu favourites at any time of day.

The updated menu includes the Big Mac, Chicken Nuggets, Quarter Pounders and fries, so now you’ll be able to load up on your daily intake of trash food before you’ve even got to work, bonza!

The initiative was previously rolled out in Tasmania, Victoria, Newcastle, and Adelaide where it saw huuuuge success so they’ve decided to roll it out nationwide.

The new menu is available instore, through delivery and drive-through, so get stuck in.


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