New ‘Smart’ Condom Allows You To Share Your Sex Stats With The World

In case we already didn’t overshare every aspect of our life via social media, one British company has revealed a revolutionary new product that will either wildly impress your friends or ensure that you are mocked relentlessly and never have sex again.

British Condoms has released the first images of its suspiciously Fitbit looking, $105 condom, the I.Con. The gadget fits around the base of the penis and sends sexual data to an app on the user’s phone.

Even better, the adjustable band measures number and velocity of thrusts, total duration of sexy time, as well as things like how many calories were burned and how many positions you were able to muster.

In case that didn’t get your heart pumping, you can share all this data with family and friends!

“Users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or indeed the world. You will be able to anonymously access stats that you can compare with i.Con users worldwide,” the company’s website says.

The device itself isn’t actually a condom (could you imagine the horrors of a reusable condom?) but instead is worn on top of one. Another pretty cool thing about this gadget is that it can detect some STI’s while the user is wearing it. Pretty handy for alone time, maybe not the sort of thing you’d want popping up in the middle of sex.

The company claims that it has 900,000 pre-registrations from around the world, so at least you’ll have a whole heap of data to compare yourself with.


Source: The Independent. 



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