Naked Man Goes On Path Of Destruction And Causes $10K Damage To Wings Restaurant

We all go a little crazy sometimes. Sure, most people let out their craziness by yelling at a loved one or screaming for hours upon hours in the bathroom while curled up in the fetal position (just me?), but you’d have to be pretty bloody cooked to think that taking off all your clothes and harassing people is a good way to deal with a tense situation.

Well, you wouldn’t bloody believe but that’s exactly what happened when one bloke who had a slight disagreement with the manager of a chicken wing restaurant in California thought he could turn the tables in his favour by acting like a literal baby.  

The day before Daniel Pimentel went on his rampage of destruction, he was asked to leave Juicy Wingz by manager Tony. He came back the next day with a vengeance and confronted Tony, before freaking out and stripping down. 

“At that point, this Daniel guy just went crazy,” Tony, who withheld his last name, told CBS Los Angeles. “He started taking off his clothes and got all naked.”

From there, things got weird. He got on a divider and started singing, threatened Tony with a sign, broke a tablet computer, smashed a few holes in the walls and wrecked a granite countertop. All in all, causing around $10,000 worth of damage.

Daniel, still completely nude, proceeded to exit the restaurant rather calmly for someone who had just single handly obliterated a restaurant while naked. Apparently, old mate returned later that day ready for a ruckus, but the police and Ambo’s had already shown up.

He was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and assault with a deadly weapon. He was also taken to a local hospital for mental health evaluation and was later transported to Pasadena jail, where his bond sits at $30,000.

So, I guess we have an answer for the age old question, why did the naked man cross the road?

A: Because he’s just gone on a path of destruction and is currently running from the police.

Source: Munchies


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