Mexican Fish Are Having Such Loud Orgies That It’s Deafening Dolphins

If you’ve ever spent the small hours of the morning engrossed in a David Attenborough documentary while being munted out your face, you can attest to the awe-inspiring powers of Mother Nature.

For the most part, the animal kingdom encapsulates many of our own social nuances, whether it’s a mother doing anything to care for her young, or a predator risking everything to get a fat feed, animals often offer a unique perspective into how the world works.

Sometimes, the parallels can be a bit too real, kind of like how these Mexican fish are having massive fuck fests that are so loud that they’re deafening other sea creatures… kind of like that annoying housemate who seems to think their genitals should make the same commotion as a power drill.

Every spring, Gulf Corvina fish found in the Gulf of California descend on the area to mate, issuing what has been described as a machine gun like mating call that almost resembles a crowd cheering at a stadium.


Co-author of the study that looked into the bizarre breeding process, Timothy Rowell from the University of San Diego, reckons that nearby animals preying on the fish are copping an absolute earful.

“The sound levels generated by chorusing is loud enough to cause at least temporary if not a permanent hearing loss in marine mammals that were observed preying on the fish.

“These spawning events are among the loudest wildlife events found on planet Earth and the loudest sound ever recorded for a fish species.”

The frequencies of sound produced by the corvina fall within a range that can actually harm the hearing of seals, sea lions and dolphins, but according to researchers it’s imperative that the breeding process is properly conserved and appreciated.

Ah well, keep on fucking, I guess.

Source: The Guardian 



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